TPE + Alloy Yoga Wheel Back Training Tool(Pink)

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Color: Pink
Weight: 1.38kgs / 3.05lb
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1. TPE outer ring, non-slip pattern to enhance the safety of use, environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating to the skin.

2. The interface fits tightly, is skin-friendly and soft, and does not hurt the body during use.

3. Design the curved shape of the spine after fitting. When used, it can extend and soothe the back and even the whole body.

4. PP material improves stability.

5. Application: Yoga, fitness, dance, massage, bodybuilding.


1. Diameter: 33cm.

2. Width: 13cm.

3. Thickness: 5mm.

4. Material: TPE rubber outer layer, PC alloy inner layer.

5. Bearing weight: 300 kg.

Color Pink
Weight Product
Weight 1.38kgs / 3.05lb
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