10 PCS Fascia Ball Deep Muscle Relaxation Plantar Acupoint Massage Fitness Mini Yoga Ball Massage Ball, Specification:Single Ball(Pink)

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Color: Pink
Weight: 1.50kgs / 3.32lb
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1. Material: TPE

2. Single diameter: 6.1cm

3. Single weight: about 130g

4. Applicable scenarios: running sports, health massage, fitness and body, dance, etc.

5. Features: beautiful and practical, environmentally friendly material, healthy and odorless, versatile, wear-resistant and durable

How to use fascia ball:

1. From the supine position, place the fascia ball on both sides of the trapezius muscle, on the corner of the shoulder, align the width of the crotch and merge the knee and ankle. Raise your hips, shoulders and hips level, inhale, and raise your arms above your head. Then put your arms down when you exhale, place them on both sides of your body, and repeat the action more than 5-6 times

2. Place the fascia ball between the shoulder blade and the spine. When you inhale, spread your arms to form a complete T shape. When you exhale, hug your chest with your elbows, repeat this action 5-6 times, then switch sides

3. Place the fascia ball on both sides of the spine and move the fascia ball from the upper waist to the deep back curve. If you want more intense training, pull up one knee with both hands to press toward the chest, switch between the left and right legs, and choose to grasp the two knees to the chest to feel the strong changes in the calf. Keep the movement and compress the calf for about 60 seconds.

4. Exercise lies in persistence, 5-10 sets of training every day have a good effect on all body functions

Color Pink
Weight Product
Weight 1.50kgs / 3.32lb
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